Important – Before you book!

1. An enrolment session is mandatory to all new users to the space, irrespective of skill level or attending a workshop.
You will be asked at checkout whether you have attended an enrolment already.

2. You must be sufficient in self led printing/photographic practice. We do not provide tutors / technical support.
Absolute beginners must attend introduction workshops to both colour and black and white printing. – Please book here: Workshops and Courses

3. SINGLE BOOKINGS currently on hold as we bed into our new premises (July 2024). Please enquire within.

You must be confident with setting up chemistry & printing on your own before booking a session.
If you are unsure or have any questions, reach out via email or insta/facebook.

– E5 Process team

Advanced booking & Membership

E5 process exists because of the artists, photographers and analogue printers who use the space and facilities.

Become a member of the growing E5 process community by booking sessions in advance.

Enjoy up to 2/3rds off sessions, compared to individual bookings.

New members require a enrolment session during the first booking.

Advanced bookings are valid for a fixed time so make sure to use them up before they expire.